Is it okay to be young and single?

Hey! Hope you all are doing good. Well today will be a really basic and out of the crap blog. Which is like something people don't talk but usually taunt about and this is what most of us have gone through during our college or high school years. So, here it goes. I'm 19 (at… Continue reading Is it okay to be young and single?

How to overcome OVERTHINKING?

Hey! If you clicked to this than I'm sure you might be stuck into these deep fascinations and overthinking loops. Well been gone through this I can tell that this is but exhausting and sometimes it cuts you off the people you love. Also you can't always tell your mind to stay silent in restless… Continue reading How to overcome OVERTHINKING?

A piece of self love

Dear SELF,How are you? I know not good lately. I know there are things that messes up your head and hurt your poor soul. I know you are not feeling confident enough to face the world. You might be regretting over your past decisions and the people around you are getting over your nerves. You… Continue reading A piece of self love

How to get back to studies after QUARANTINE?

Hello there! If you too are struggling to find a way back to your books after the quarantine end ,you are at the right place maybe. The whole lockdown and quarantine period has affected our study and learning pattern a lot without any doubt. Also all of us have been so lenient with our studies.… Continue reading How to get back to studies after QUARANTINE?